Brewing Science Expo

A Brewster's Craft initiative which started in 2014 and runs each year during the National Science Week

In association with The South African Breweries' You Decide Programme



Brewing Science Exhibition (BSE) is organised by Brewster`s Craft in association with The South African Breweries` You Decide programme which aims to combat underage drinking. The exhibition is held annually during the National Science Week at the SAB World of Learning in Kyalami and is linked to the countrywide celebration of science, a Department of Science and Technology's initiative.

Objectives of BSE are aligned with those of NSW which are to:

  • Popularise science to the broader South African Society
  • Make science appealing to learners, such that they consider SET (Science, Engineering and Technology) as preferable career options
  • Familiarize targeted participants with the science linked to areas in which South Africa has knowledge and or geographic advantage so as to contribute in making them informed and critically engaged citizens.

Brewing Science Exhibition aims to make science and brewing science related studies appealing to the young learners and thus ensuring continued growth of the South African economy through nurturing our future brewers, engineers, hop & barley breeders etc. The exhibition does not promote use of alcohol or related products by the learners but instead through the You Decide Programme handouts, is used to educate and give guidance on issues related to under-age drinking and alcohol abuse.

Schools that have participated in the BSE:

  • Bokamoso Secondary School, Tembisa
  • Ivory Park Secondary School, Midrand
  • Midrand High School, Midrand
  • Beaulieu College, Kyalami
  • Katlehong Secondary School, Katlehong
  • Mpontsheng Secondary School, Katlehong
National Science Week

National Science Week (NSW), an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology (DST,) is a countrywide celebration of science involving various stakeholders and/or role players conducting science-based activities during the week.

You Decide Programme

Think about it. Alcohol and drug abuse can have a devastating impact in the life of friends and families. Brewster's Craft is in association with The South African Breweries' You Decide programme which aims to combat underage drinking.

South African Breweries

SAB has supported microbreweries by sponsoring festivals, supplying ingredients at cost price and offering its expertise. It has also begun to offer nontraditional types of beers, including its flavoured Flying Fish beer.

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