Consult with the Brewster For your brewery operations

Assisting you to establish and develop your Microbrewery

The Brewster has a vast knowledge base, coupled with extensive experience in the South African brewing industry, to assist you with all brewery related requirements. This is based on theoretical knowledge acquired through her Master Brewer Diploma qualification (Dissertation titled "Design and Commissioning of a Microbrewery in South Africa")

Primary Brewing Consulting

Brewster's Craft offers topical consulting on the entire brewing value chain

Recipe Design

We take the basic idea of your beer and develop it into a full recipe that can be scaled up or down to suite your brewery requirements. If you already have a recipe, we help fine tune it and advise you on best ingredients to use. Where required, we are also able to produce a prototype for your beer which you can use to perform basic market research.

Sourcing of Suppliers

We help you source suppliers for all your raw materials, processing aids, utilities, cleaning chemicals, basic laboratory equipment and engineering equipment requirements. We perform price analysis and help you identify cost reduction opportunities.

Plant Design and Commissioning

Working with a qualified and well experienced Engineer, we are able to assist you with sourcing your brewing equipment, plant design, plant layout and plant commissioning.

Training of staff

We can train your staff on all the brewery operations, either at your brewery or at our own fully equipped brewery. In a period of two week, your staff will be taken through both theory and practice of brewing raw material, brewhouse, yeast and fermentation, maturation and filtration, packaging, quality control and assurance, including basic lab tests, brewery health and safety.

Working procedure write-up

We are able to write-up all your working procedures in a clear and easy to understand format. The working procedures can be used to train all new staff and ensure important information is not lost with staff turnover.

Problem Solving

Here, we are able to assist you solve your process or quality problems within your brewery. Our team of technical expects will spend time with you and your team and help identify root cause of your problem and help you implement corrective actions We also do follow up check on actions implemented to prevent re-occurrences.

Why Choose us?

Practical brewing experience in both micro and macro brewing industries | Creative and Technical | Master Brewer Dissertation title : Design and commissioning of a microbrewery in South Africa" Passionate Professional and Qualified. We are excited to help you brew!

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