Brewing Culture

The age-old tradition of brewing beer is as much alive today as it was hundreds of years ago. Within the African culture brewing of uMqombothi (Sorghum beer) is seen as an important part of any social occasion or gathering, with the recipe having been passed down through the generations. “Brewing is not only my career but also my passion, my hobby. For me, craft brewing is about perfecting the balance between the science and the art. I love my craft!” - Apiwe Nxusani Mawela


Brewster's Craft is proud to be associated with these organisations in the brewing industry.


Brewhogs is a South African Brewing Company currently situated in Kyalami. Brewhogs currently has a capacity to produce 36000 Litres a month. The Brewster is both BrewMaster and Shareholder at Brewhogs.

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BevQual (Beverage Quality Laboratories) is a laboratory based in Johannesburg offering both analytical and microbiological tests for the beverage sector. The Brewster is a partner at BevQual.

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The Institute concerns itself with both scientific and technical matters to do with the brewing and packaging of fermented beverages. The Brewster is an accredited training provider with the IBD and is also a committee member within the IBD Africa Section.

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Siebel Institute

The Siebel Institute of Technology has been an important part of international brewing history for over 140 years.The object of the Institute is to promote the progress of the industries based on fermentation, which is done by instruction, investigation, analysis and otherwise. Brewsters Craft offers some of Siebel Institute Courses.

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Craft Beer South Africa (CBSA)

CBSA Is a voluntary association representing a craft breweries, craft brand owners and distributors in South Africa. The Brewster is part of the Management Committee of CBSA.

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Certified Beer Judge

Our Brewster - Apiwe Nxusani Mawela is a Certified Beer Judge with BJCP a Non-profit organization that certifies and ranks beer judges internationally. The BJCP was founded in 1985 and has administered the Beer Judge Examination worldwide.

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Brewster's Craft (Pty) Ltd is a Level 3 BBBEE company, whose mission is to grow the African brewing industry through education and training.

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